Bloom Talks


Managing Conflict and Emotional LABOR


E. Michele Ramsey, Associate Professor, Penn State Berks


More than Mochas: Exploring Chocolate and Coffee Together

Carla Martin, Founder and Executive Director of Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute


Panel Discussions

Retailer to Roaster

The Transition to Roasting Your Own Coffee

What are the challenges and opportunities of moving from being a coffee retailer to roasting your own? How do you decide whether to take the risk? A panel of roastery owners will share their experiences, unexpected obstacles, and success stories.


Process to Possibility

Exploring Potential in Varying Coffee Process at Origin

Washed, Natural and everything in between - this panel of green coffee buying, roasting, and coffee preparation professionals discuss the added value potential their partners at origin can unlock to specialty coffee consumers by varying processing techniques. We will dig into how added success might be created for each link of the value chain amidst collaboration to deliver a superior consumer experience.

Panel Moderators 


Retailer Roaster Panel: Moderator:

Candice Madison, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Process to Possibility Panel:  Moderator:

Todd Mackey, OIam Coffee


Session Host


Bailey Arnold

'Managing Conflict and Emotion Labor' - Session host


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