Retailer Roaster Panel: Moderator:

Candice Madison, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Candice has been immersed in the specialty coffee industry for almost 10 years. Like many others, she came to coffee accidentally - a yoga teacher who enjoyed coffee became a coffee professional who occasionally practiced yoga. 
New to specialty coffee when specialty coffee was new to the UK, she has been lucky enough to have worked with many luminaries as a barista, roaster and green buyer. She has also straddle both sides of the high table as both a UKBC competitor and WCE judge.

Her love and passion for coffee is rooted in the industry providing and promoting responsibly sourced coffees and a sustainable livelihood for all farmers and producers, recognizing the role of women and people of colour throughout the industry, as well as her unceasing quest for quality at every stage of the supply chain through education. Currently the Director of Education at Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, she is also an AST and Q Instructor and an active member of several SCA committees. Who knew you could find a whole new life at the bottom of a cup of coffee?