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Todd Mackey, OIam Coffee

An accomplished barista, roaster, cupper, and trainer, Todd Mackey is currently Training Manager for OLAM Specialty Coffee, overseeing capacity building and calibration exercises for the global coffee quality team. Todd has worked extensively in all facets of coffee, cultivating a deep understanding of each essential step in relation to the others. He has been instrumental in the creation of various coffee skills certificate programs for SCA (SCAA) and is a long-time AST (Specialized Lead Instructor), regularly featured at the Global Expo, Roasters’ Guild Retreat and Barista Camp Events. Todd is a Q-Grader Instructor for Coffee Quality Institute, Chair of the Barista Guild of America, Past Sensory Judge for the United States Barista Championship & Brewers’ Cup, and currently sits on the Editorial Advisory Board of Barista Magazine.