A Participant in the Evolution of Specialty Coffee with Q&A
Presented by Lem Butler, Black & White Coffee Roasters, LLC
How has the specialty coffee industry brought people together and created a global community? Has it always been this way? Has this evolution reached across cultures and disciplines? Understand and review the development of specialty coffee through the lens of a coffee professional who has worn many hats and traveled across cultures, exploring coffee as a barista, competitor, roaster, through green coffee sourcing, and now a business owner.

Innovation Culture in Food and Coffee with Q&A
Chad Robertson, Tartine + Chris Jordan, Coffee Manufactory
Take a crash course in innovation culture! Innovation culture standards and values are shaped and supported by all stakeholders from customer to producer. In this session, we'll look at different models within food and wine and explore how positive innovation culture supports a thriving business model. As we look at how coffee can adopt this methodology, we'll map what it would take to flip our current coffee models to a more innovative approach. Could this be our solution to the current coffee price crisis?

Creating Coffee Communities of the Future: A Panel Discussion
Let’s talk beyond convening the local coffee community. We know it takes much more than TNTs and having a few shops and baristas get together over coffee. As we develop diverse and inclusive coffee communities, have we expanded our activities and events to match the diversity? Together we will review the ways we convene, create a sense of belonging and community, and provide relevant and valuable resources through local events. Take home ideas from community leaders on sustaining local coffee groups through empowering volunteers, fostering leadership, supporting professionals from all backgrounds, and the understanding the basics of event planning and community building.