What is Bloom?


The Barista Guild of America is excited to bring you Bloom, a unique event for the coffee community. Bloom brings together some of the best minds in coffee, creating a unique opportunity for deeper discussion and engagement for attendees.

Bloom features thought-leaders, all of whom will present topics that specifically address the craft coffee community. An interactive discussion between speaker and attendees follow each talk, creating the opportunity for meaningful dialogue. The outcomes of these discussions ideas, challenges, and solutions are reviewed, recorded and distributed for take-away after each event. Bloom is a forum by which the coffee community can progress together in real-time.

Bloom is more than just one standalone event. In order to meaningfully connect the local and national barista community through dialogue and action, we offer the opportunity for others to host satellite Bloom events in their own communities. These events weave in the same national presentations from the main event with those of their own local thought-leaders.

Each talk from the main event will be recorded and made available to the Satellite Bloom events, which take place across the United States within days of the main event. Hosts of Bloom Satellite Events invite local speakers, host panel discussions, and intermix them with the talks from the main event. This combination of national and local informs a great debate across the U.S., one that we track, record, and make available to all involved by way of a private discussion platform. In return for a registration fee, these satellite events are added to the national schedule and promoted by SCA and the Barista Guild of America.

Bloom's mission is to ignite a national conversation and make noticeable the ideas that emerge as a result.